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The MAREX club began in 1991 as a small club with the goal of educating people on how to use the Amateur Radio projects on board the Russian Space Station Mir. As the club grew, we then began building new Educational projects, which were successfully flown and used on board the Russian Space Station Mir and the International Space Station.

The Joint Projects with MarexMG and ARISS  on the International Space Station include:

The Russian Space Station Mir projects included:

MarexMG is now a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Marex is looking to raise $25,000.00 USD this year (2008) to help pay for our current project "SpaceCam1 which is currently on ISS.  And our future Radio Email project with the Kantronics Mail box system. The SpaceCam1 SSTV System is a joint project between MAREX and ARISS. This system is an entry-level PC based Slow Scan Television (SSTV) system designed to be used on board the International Space Station. The SpaceCam1 system will support multiple common SSTV transmission modes. SpaceCam1 has been specifically designed to be accessible to as many Amateur Radio stations and Short Wave Listeners as possible around the world. The original proof-of-concept system was built by the MAREX-MG team and successfully flown on the Russian Space Station Mir (December 1998 until August 1999).

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When will SpaceCam1 be Re-Activated

SpaceCam-1 is already on board ISS and was activated for a limited amount of "live testing" during July-August 2006 from the International Space Station. Flight Commander Pavel, switched on SpaceCam1 on July 30, 2007 and sent hundreds of pictures to the Amateur Radio public around the world.

After the initial testing was completed, the Borrowed Flight Laptop was reassigned back to a Higher priority project.  The SpaceCam1 project is currently waiting for the arrival of a new flight laptop that will be dedicated to Amateur Radio projects.  The arrival of the new laptop is expected in 2007.

Future ISS Project:

During the September 2006 ARISS meeting, the MarexMG Radio Email project was given the approval for the  next stage of development.  The Radio Email project, also known as Packet-Mail, will be installed on the International Space Station.  This system will allow the crew to communicate with the Amateur Radio community world wide with packet mail.  The terrestrial Amateur Radio operators will be able to log into the mail box on the ISS by Radio and send and receive mail from space.  this New system will support 3 or more simultaneous mail box users.

Your donations are needed to help us to continue bringing the world affordable and educational Amateur Radio experiments from ISS.


Gregory Miles Mann, CEO MAREX MG


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