MAREX SpaceCam1 SSTV Images via Satellite AO-40

August - September, 2001

Hi All,

Here is some more evidence that the AMSAT AO-40 Satellite and the SpaceCam1/VOX BOX are doing a great job! Attached are 3 pictures received by JH2ESW in Japan. The satellite had a range as I recall of around 35,000+ miles to each of our stations at the time of our contact making the picture travel distance approx 70,000 miles. We should certainly be able to get some excellent pictures from the ISS.

73, Farrell.

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Pictures recieved by Mike N1JEZ, Images transmitted by W8ZCF and W0LMD

August 23, 2001

Hi All,

Have been continuing to test SpaceCam1 thru AO-40. The satellite is continuing to do well and the pictures Tx and Rxed are very good . A couple of examples are attached with an exchange I made with W0LMD las night when AO-40 was at a range of over 26000 miles. Robert, W0LMD has arranged a 10 foot TVRO dish with both 435 and 2400 Helix feeds and is able to both Tx and Rx from his dish. One of the pictures shows these feeds. He gets excellent reception.

73, Farrell.

August 18, 2001

The images on this page were transmitter or recieved by the new SpaceCam1 Slow Scan TV software, thought the amateur radio satellite AO-40. The images were transmitted from earth to AO-40 and then recieved back on Earth. Average round trip, 64,000 miles (100,000 km).

Attached is a picture from Yoshi, JA5CU, Kawasaki, Japan that which he sent to Farrell Winder W8ZCF via AO-40, Transponder S2, Rx on SpaceCAm1. You will note Yoshi included a replay of my picture ( flag of USA) down in lower left which I sent to him earlier using the SpaceCam1 IBM 760 XD/VOX Box. Satellite was down to about a 2 deg elevation and out some 32,000 miles range at the time..

First SSTV from Japan

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