MAREX SpaceCam1 SSTV Images via Satellite AO-40

November, 2001

October, 2001

Here are a couple of pictures sent via SpaceCam1 and received by Al Lyday, WC9C in Pimento, October 9, 2001. We think the noise is definitely radars operating in the 70 cm band. 73, Farrell.

73, Farrell.

Here is a copy of a picture received by by Tetsuhire Inoue, (Hiro), JE2VVN in Japan which I transmitted through AMSAT AO-40. The remarkable thing is that the elevation of AO-40 was under 1 degree at the the time of this transmission. This picture was sent using Jim Barber, N7CXI's software, SpaceCam1, (Scottie 1) with the IBM 760 XD and Lou McFadin, W5DID's VOX Box feeding a Yaesu 736R. I was unable to get a good picture from Hiro before losing the satellite over the horizon. All pictures thru AO-40 seem to have some interference in the form of noise spikes which are more apparent in the white areas, for example, in this flag picture. It has been sugested that these spikes are coming from radars transmitting in the 70 cm band. We would not expect to see this interference when pictures are transmitted from the International Space Station. 73, Farrell, W8ZCF.

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