Mir Radio contact cards (QSL and SWL)


RV3DR Sergej Samburov

The Russian address supports all Mir contacts, including SWL, Two-way voice or Packet connections (R0MIR), including the Sputnik Satellites


Envelopes should be well sealed and do not include cash. Send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope ) and one or two IRC coupons (which can be purchased at major US post offices). Do not make any notes on the out side of the envelope with Amateur Radio Call signs visible.

Note: The new Mir QSL cards were delivered to the QSL Managers in Q4 2000. When the current batch of QLS cards have been exhausted there will not be any more Mir QSL cards made. I would like to thank you all for being patient on getting your QSL cards.

Sergej Samburov

PO Box 73

Korolev-10 City

Moscow Area, 141080, Russia.