Sponsors of Marex


Over the past 10 years the Marex team has received financial or hardware assistance from many companies.  We would like to thank all of the companies, that helped us with our educational school programs.  With our latest project SpaceCam1, Schools from around the world can set up simple monitoring station and see images being transmitted down from the International Space Station.

Sponsors have included:

Mitsubishi Electric Research laboratories (Cambridge Massachusetts)



Kantronics data modems KPC-9612 used on the Russian Space Station Mir.


Kenwood Logo

Kenwood TM-733 and TM-V7A Transceivers used on the Russian Space Station Mir and the D700 transceiver is currently in use on board the International Space Station.


Yaesu FT-290 VHF all mode transceiver used on the Russian Space Station Mir


Marex projects that have actually flow in Space include:


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