Amateur Radio Voice Status on ISS

Updated July 11, 2003

School Voice Contacts:

The ISS crew is making weekly school contacts via Amateur Radio.  The 2-meter Ericcson radio is working good and can sometimes be heard on 145.800 mHz.  For more information please check the ARISS school page for listening schedules.

ISS School Schedule Information

Random Voice Contacts:

Due to the ISS crews very intense work load, the 2-man crew does not have much free time to spend chatting on the Amateur Radio system.  A few random voice links were made with Ed Lu on June 28 and 29, 2003.  

How to access the Amateur Radio on International Space Station   


Partial Log, courtesy of Stan Vandiver W4SV Hanna, Indiana

Activity on Sunday, June 29th.

times approximate (UTC)

1246 W9LDX IN
1246 W9AE IL
1247 N9FN IN
1247 KE2T Western NY
1248 KA_UO (no number)
1250 WB_FDZ WI (no number, probably 9)
1250 VE1FO (Foxtrot Maritime?)
1251 KB1GUE Eastern MA

1908 KD7(J..) Seattle (very weak)
1909 WB7B Jim in Tuscon
1910 6R (maybe confused with next one)
1911 N5RNY
1911 2YWB (no prefix)
1912 XE2YW (confused with above?)
1913 (X)E1PM Mexico City
1914 KD5NSY (KG5NSY?)



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