Laptop computers on ISS


The International Space Station has over 50 laptop computers on board.  The amateur radio projects need to be tested on some of the different models of computers to ensure that the software operates correctly.  The two primary computers which are being considered for the Amateur Radio SSTV and packet operations are the IBM 760XD and a computer called the Wiener P6300. The Wiener P6300 computer is manufactured by AsusTek Computers Inc.  Both of these computers are currently on board ISS and may be reassigned to be used for the Amateur Radio projects.

Basic differences in the two proposed computers

Model IBM 760XD P6300
CPU 166 mHz 366 mHz
Memory 64 Meg Ram 144 Meg Ram
OS Windows-95 Windows 2000


IBM 760XD, Dec 8, 2003

This shows the ISS crew is currently using the IBM as the Amateur Radio Packet system interface.  The green table next to Kaleri's head, is the mounting location for all of the ISS-Ham equipment.


ISS-Ham Station, side view.
IBM 760XD, Spare power
supply, cable connections and
the antenna switch, which will not
be needed until the installation of
the Glisser TV system in the
IBM 760XD and Erickson:  

This is one possible combination for Slow Scan TV.  An IBM laptop running SpaceCam1, connected to the Erickson radio.  The final SSTV configuration will be determined at a later date.


Wiener P6300 computer:

This is another possible configuration for Slow Scan TV on ISS.  In this picture the P6300 is connected to the Kenwood D700. On the left side of the computer is a cable with a high quality USB video camera. This configuration would provide both Still and Live SSTV images.







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