N6CO Dave Larsen MIREX

The California address is also temporarily out of QSL cards. They will be restocked when the new QSL card order is completed.

The California address is only handling QSL cards for the call sign R0MIR and R0MIR-1

No SSTV-SWL (Short Wave Listener) cards will be issued at this address.

No Sputnik-SWL cards


Dr. Dave Larsen - N6CO/K6MIR

PO Box 311

Pine Grove, California 95665


Please include a SASE (Business Size Envelope) and two IRCís for international. If you are sending an IRC, Please make sure the date on the IRC is less than one year old, as the post office won't accept IRC's dated over 1 year old. Make sure the IRC cancel stamp is in the right place on the IRC.

"Green Stamps" (USA ONLY) are appreciated for covering additional costs.