Miscellaneous MIR Amateur Radio Hardware

S t o r y
by Miles Mann MAREX-MG

190,940 06-23-98 09:30

The radio in the middle is an Icom 228 2 meter. This type of radio was provided by SAFEX for the PMS Mir project. It was used with Mir PMS approximately 1991-1995. It was replaced by the Kenwood TM-733 around 1995. The radio is still in Mir as a backup for the PMS project.

171,181 06-23-98 09:27

9600 baud modem TNC2H-DK9SJ. This modem is currently on Mir, but no one could ever get it to work properly.

170,407 06-23-98 09:22

PacComm TNC used on Mir from 1990-1997. There are actually two of these modems on Mir. The first mode came from the SAFEX club. The modem was in use for aproximately 3 years before the memory battery died. Dave Larsen and the MIREX team sent an identical replacement to Energia, which was installed on Mir and used until Dec. 1997