Packet Mail from the International Space Station Alpha


Amateur Radio Packet Mail from the International Space Station Alpha

This Amateur Radio packet email was received by Dave Larsen N6CO on June 30, 2002. The message was written by ISS Cosmonaut Valery Korzun and posted to the Personal Message System on ISS for Dave Larsen. Commander Valery Korsun used Amateur Radio frequently during his Missions on the Russian Space Station Mir, Dave and Valery are old friends from the Mir missions.

June 30, 2002

Actual Message from ISS.
Here is an actual message sent from ISS commander Valery Korzun to Dave Larsen N6CO, on June 20,
2002. n this message, I will point out a few important items in [].

30-Jun-02 09:03:43 CONNECTED to RS0ISS
Logged on to RS0ISS's Personal Message System on board the International Space Station

You have mail waiting.
[After you log into the ISS mail box, if there is mail waiting for you, you will get the 'mail waiting' message and an
automatic listing of all mail to and from your call sign]

Msg # Stat Date Time To From @ BBS Subject
844 P 00/00/00 00:07 N6CO RS0ISS HELLO
824 BR 00/00/00 00:19 ALL N6CO 2 Line ISS Keps 6-28
795 PR 00/00/00 00:40 RS0ISS N6CO DLYA Valery [RZ3FK]
r 844

[Here, Dave reads his message with the 'r 884' command, which is R for read, and the message number.
In this example, there looks like there is a problem with the time clock in the TNC]

Stat : PR
Posted : 00/00/00 00:07
To : N6CO
From : RS0ISS
@ BBS :
xID :
Subject: HELLO

Dave, I'm glad to receive mess from you and thanks for your biography. Very
nice to meet you again, brave pilot. I'm ex-fighter-Mig- 21,Mig-29.I
served as pilot 12 years, then I was student air force academy, then
Gagarin cosmonaut training center from1987 to June 2002.Married.One son.
Your Russian is very good. Thanks for support and help. Hope hear you


[ As soon as Dave has downloaded the message, he immediately deletes the old message from the ISS
mailbox. This is very important because the selected mailbox only has approximately 64k bytes of
memory available for mailbox storage.]

k 844
Message erased
30-Jun-02 09:04:31 DISCONNECTED: RS0ISS



- Logged off